Real Heroes

Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wi) is our current Hero…the choices were tough.

Ryan tirelessly promised to go Line By Line, finding Govenment waste that CAN be eliminated without affecting anyone other than who have it as a Pet Project. Ryan in doing so, found much duplication and outright fraud that is occuring (and in many cases has been occuring for a LONG time) within the Federal Budget with OUR tax dollars. Ryan did what the President promised, going LINE BY LINE to do so, something that President Obama did not, and will not do due to all of his “Vacations” anf Golf, another broken promise…among many.

Ryan has written a Budgetary roadmap that if followed could bring our country back to prosperity, not right away, but sooner than any CURRENT plan. I suggest to all to visit his webpage, even his Facebook page to find out more about him and his Roadmap.
Look at it, comment on it, pass it to others and show him your support, because not to support his efforts, however unpopular to many is to be downright Un-American…and NO, I do not call for “Food to be taken away from seniors”, bankrupting America like the Lockstep, No Brain Democrats and President Obama will!

Thanks Representative Ryan, for doing the TOUGH job and actually EARNING your pay!

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